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An excerpt of Phil's forthcoming book STRIPPED can be found on Equus Press website.

"Just heard with sadness about the death of the great Australian producer Tony Cohen. A wildly creative force in the studio with The Birthday Party, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Once Upon A Time and numerous others. I count myself lucky that I had the experience of working with him on my first solo single "Charlotte's Room"/"The Long Goodbye" back in the late 1980s. I would like to express my condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P. Tony Cohen, a maverick, a star and a true original."

Phil Shoenfelt

Phil has recently finished producing the debut CD by Prague band SWEET POSITIVE. A five song mini-album, the CD is called AT HER MAJESTY’S PLEASURE and will be released in autumn of 2017 by the German label Moloko +. Phil also plays guitar on the recording and Dim Locator band mate Chris Hughes plays drums. The line-up is completed by singer/songwriter Azalea SoSweet on bass guitar and Sidi Santini on electric guitar, F/X and slide guitar. The title of the CD is a play on words. The obvious first meaning alludes to “femdom” sexuality; the second is a British idiom meaning to serve time in prison – all UK prisons officially belonging to Her Majesty the Queen.

Phil has also just finished editorial work on “CITY PRIMEVAL: NEW YORK-BERLIN-PRAGUE”, an anthology of stories, essays, interviews and photographs curated by Robert Carrithers and Louis Armand. An extract from Phil’s New York book STRIPPED is included, alongside work by Lydia Lunch, Nick Zedd,  Nat Finkelstein, Victor Bockris, Penny Arcade, Max Dax, Anthony Haden Guest, Christoph Dreher, Marcia Resnik, Peter Milne, Rudi Protrudi, Mark Reeder, Marketa Baňková and many, many more.
CITY PRIMEVAL is “a constellation of personal documentaries of place & time by key contemporary writers, poets, musicians, designers, filmmakers, photographers, artists, editors, performers from within the New York, Berlin & Prague underground scenes from the late 1970s to the present; from New York Post-Punk & No Wave, to the fall of the Berlin Wall & Reunification, to the Velvet Revolution & the Prague Renaissance.”
The book will be published by Litteraria Pragensia in September 2017 and takes its title from the Khmer Rouge song “City Primeval”. To find out more, go to:

Simultaneously with these activities, Phil has been working on several other projects: writing new songs for Southern Cross; working on STRIPPED (which is due to be published in English by Equus Press in 2018); and writing lyrics for the next CD by New York band Sour Jazz. Phil will also be guest vocalist on the album, which will be produced by the legendary Ramones producer Daniel Rey. 

Various Artists "A Taste Of Moloko Plus 1996 - 2016"

The 2-CD compilation includes

"100 Degress In The Shade" and
"Wild Is The Wind" by Fatal Shore,
"Dan The Man From Ampellang" by Dim Locator,
and a new and previously unreleased song by Phil Shoenfelt, called "Resurrection Day", produced by Thor Sten Beckmann (Herbst In Peking).

"A Taste Of Moloko Plus - 20 Years Of A Record Label":

4 Live Shows with

Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka

Herbst in Peking
Machine de Beauvoir

28.09.2016 "Scheune", Dresden
29.09.2016 "Kassablanca", Jena
30.09.2016 "Wabe", Berlin
01.10.2016 "M.A.U. Club", Rostock

Out now:

Dim Locator (Shoenfelt / Allen / Hughes)

"Six Miles Deep"

9 live songs

recorded at "die naTo", Leipzig, 12/04/2015

Now available at
Moloko +


Phil Shoenfelt - Stripped - Inkognito v Podzemí

New release:

Phil Shoenfelt's second part of "Stripped" has been released in Czech language by Mata. More information: "Stripped - Inkognito v podzemí"

Here you can find a video as well as photos of the reading and the following concert of Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross at Rock Cafe, Prague, May 19th 2016.

David Bowie Tribute Concert:
23.06.2016 @ U Vystrelenho Oka, Praha, with Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka and others

Nikki Sudden Tribute Concert:
22.07.2016 @ The Unicorn, Camden Town, London, with Phil Shoenfelt and others

Out now: "The Bell Ringer - Live At The Shot-Out Eye" by Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross

In the 1980s, Englishman Phil Shoenfelt was the guitarist, singer and main songwriter of the post-punk band KHMER ROUGE. While based in New York, Khmer Rouge toured the east coast supporting bands such as The Clash, The Gun Club, Alan Vega, Tom Verlaine, Billy Idol and Nico. Khmer Rouge also supported The Fall in the UK. After Phil went solo he supported Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at concerts in London and Glasgow.

In 1994 Phil Shoenfelt did a tour in the Czech Republic with some local musicians who had learned his songs. On August 5th 1994 they played an unplugged concert at the legendary Prague pub “U Vystřelenýho Oka“. The new Live CD by PHIL SHOENFELT & SOUTHERN CROSS was recorded on the garden stage at the same pub on August 5th 2014, twenty years to the day after the first concert. The CD is called The Bell Ringer and it contains fourteen songs taken from various Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross albums. The title of the CD is ambiguous. Is it a wake-up call? An alarm bell for danger? Last orders in the pub? A final chance to do something in life? A sexual reference, even?

This celebratory CD mixes high energy “dark wave” rock with melancholic ballads from different periods of the band’s career. It also contains two cover versions of Iggy Pop songs: “Open Up And Bleed” and “The Passenger”. The latter song is presented as a “fun” bonus track at the end of the main CD, and features three guest saxophone players from the Czech underground music scene.

New Live-CD "Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - The Bell Ringer - Live At The Shot-Out Eye"

CD Release Party: June 5th, 2015 at Rock Cafe, Prague

New interviews online - see press


Phil Shoenfelt, Sophia Disgrace: Kamikaze Skull

A dark recognition … faces hitherto unseen … lights shifting across a river estuary at dawn … to connect through vortices of cross-dimensional space … then severs at the moment of death … out of which a vibration grows … a third self that insinuates more than initially imagined … a vortex of whispers/voices of the sick and dying … I saw you in a room … I never saw you before…and self-destructive urges surpass quotidian desires … that much at least was agreed … two entities encountered then restrained … outreach of tentacles by more nefarious remains … intuition … visitation … possession … image dust and transmutation in the kamikaze skull …

Kamikaze Skull is an experiment in phylogenetic image transference. Sophia Disgrace (London) and Phil Shoenfelt (Prague) met one time only, at a Berlin night club where Shoenfelt’s band had been playing. A system of writing subsequently evolved, whereby S.D.’s internet linguistic transmissions were cut up, tampered with, pasted and looped by P.S. The outcome was a melded “third voice”, an intuited id-entity in a parallel London that may or may not exist.

Sophia Disgrace is a London-based performance artist/visual artist/poet/professional deviant/member of the Satanic Sluts.

More information: Moloko Plus Records

Phil recently reviewed the debut album by Lizard Pool, you can find the review here.

Dim Locator will be on tour with Harry Howard (ex-The Birthday Party, ex-Crime & The City Solution) and his band Near Death Experience from 04.10.2014 until 11.10.2014. See tour for details

31st of October 2014 @ Propaganda, Praha, Czech Republic




The song "Stupid Rock Star" by Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross has been included on the new sampler CD from Easy Action (UK) called "Shark Infested Waters". Also included on the CD are tracks by Iggy & The Stooges, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Patti Smith, Primal Scream, Johnny Thunders, The Fall and many more. Available from:

Tuesday 5th of August 2014
live at "Hospoda U Vystrelenyho Oka" - 20th anniversary!
Start: 8.00 p.m. (curfew - 10.00 p.m.) -
Entry: 150 CZK

On 5th August 1994 Phil Shoenfelt played at the “Shot Out Eye” pub for the first time... At the same concert, he also met his future wife Jolana… 
Now, exactly 20 years later, he is returning to the scene of the crime…
A free gift will also be on offer - one of the first studio CDs Phil and the band recorded back in the 90s – only for the first 50 people who come through the door!
Another attraction! The concert at HUVO will be recorded for a future live CD. Plus a lot of surprises and special guests!

"Rock Against Cancer" @ Stromovka Park - Free Festival on 28.06.2014
with Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka and others
More information:

New concert dates: Dim Locator play with Harry Howard and Near Death Experience  - see tour

Tom Komárek - musician and writer - 28.06.1980 – 16.07.2013

New releases:

"Magdalena 2" -  A collaborative work in progress by Phil Shoenfelt & Katerina Pinosová's

The new EP-CD "Wormhole" by Dim Locator, featuring 4 original songs

Unfortunately Phil has had to cancel the Dim Locator concert at Loophole Berlin on Wednesday, 13.02.2013, due to a pulled muscle in his back, incurred while lifting equipment.
The screening of “So Glad I Did” will go ahead as planned.


End of November 2012 Goldeck released their new album called "Samtmarie - Galerie der schönen Künste",
featuring Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl on three songs.
For details see


Phil Shoenfelt, Chris Hughes and Pavel Cingl will play a concert on 21st December 2012 at Zizkovský Suterén in Prague, Czech Republic.

Phil will also do a reading from his forthcoming book (in Czech language) "Az Na Dren" (Mata Books), the first part of his NYC trilogy "dd". 

Dim Locator got EP of the month in Austrian music magazine “Vice


The first single by Phil Shoenfelt's new project DIM LOCATOR (Phil Shoenfelt / Chris Hughes / Dave Allen) will be a 7 inch vinyl single, featuring two classic songs by Rowland S. Howard. The record is now available from Vienna label "Cover Recordings"

To order, please contact:

Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross will play concerts in USA and Canada in May 2012.
Check Concerts for details.

In March 2012 
Goldeck released an EP-CD called "Samtmarie III", including the song "Mary Under Glass" with Phil Shoenfelt (vocals/guitar) & Pavel Cingl (violin). For details see


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