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Complete Lyrics of Phil Shoenfelt ... to be continued

Dave Kusworth
written by Phil Shoenfelt 09/2020

Enrico "Enni" Hagen
written by Phil Shoenfelt 07/2020

Mark E. Smith
written by Phil Shoenfelt 01/2018

William Hart Strecker
written by Phil Shoenfelt 12/2017

Mirko Sennewald
written by Phil Shoenfelt 11/2017

Tom Komarek
written by Phil Shoenfelt 07/2013

Rowland S. Howard

written by Phil Shoenfelt 01/2010

Bruno Adams
written by Phil Shoenfelt 07/2009

Nikki Sudden
written by Phil Shoenfelt 03/2006


I'll Be Your Mirror
written by Phil Shoenfelt, September 2020

Beeing On The Beat - Liner notes for the forthcoming Moloko + compilation CD
written by Phil Shoenfelt, September 2020

I Dreamed I Dreamed Of Milton Keynes
written by Phil Shoenfelt, April 2018

Is Schizophrenia A Solution
written by Phil Shoenfelt for "The Alienist" #2, March 2018

Speaking With The Ghosts
written by Phil Shoenfelt for the Missing Pictures retrospective exhibition by Venera Kastrati, at the National Gallery of Kosovo, September 2016, curated by Marco Bazzini

Psi-Tox Exhibition - Jolana Iz
Exhibition catalogue written by Phil Shoenfelt, June 2016

A Real Wild Child
written by Phil Shoenfelt, originally published in "Headline" magazine by Antonin Kocabek, 2016

Memories of Nikki Sudden
written by Phil Shoenfelt, for Miguel Ferraras, June 2014

A Different Angle - Catalogue blurb for Mandy Friedrich's book "Malerei 2003 bis 2009"
  written by Phil Shoenfelt, March 2009

written by Phil Shoenfelt and Kateřina Pinosová

written by Phil Shoenfelt 01/04/2006

A Little Known Episode – Pratajev in Zizkov
written for the Leipzig band The Russian Doctors.
A short history of the great Russian poet Pratajev, who has inspired the band with his immortal lines, September 2004 by Phil Shoenfelt

Memoirs on Khmer Rouge
Liner Notes for Khmer Rouge 2-CD "New York London 1981-86", May 2003

George and Tony and Dick and Don – a 21st century morality play
short comedy in English, written by Phil Shoenfelt, September 2002

Interessant, vielfältig, inspirierend - Leben in Prag mit den Augen eines Engländers
article from "Prager Zeitung", written by Phil Shoenfelt, March 2001

Afterword for Nick Cave's novel "And The Ass Saw The Angel"
written by Phil Shoenfelt, 1995


Reviews for CDs and Books, written by Phil Shoenfelt

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