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Various Artists "A Taste Of Moloko Plus 1996 - 2016"

The 2-CD compilation includes

"100 Degress In The Shade" and
"Wild Is The Wind" by Fatal Shore,
"Dan The Man From Ampellang" by Dim Locator,
and a new and previously unreleased song by Phil Shoenfelt, called "Resurrection Day", produced by Thor Sten Beckmann (Herbst In Peking).

"A Taste Of Moloko Plus - 20 Years Of A Record Label":

4 Live Shows with

Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka

Herbst in Peking
Machine de Beauvoir

28.09.2016 "Scheune", Dresden
29.09.2016 "Kassablanca", Jena
30.09.2016 "Wabe", Berlin
01.10.2016 "M.A.U. Club", Rostock

Out now:

Dim Locator (Shoenfelt / Allen / Hughes)

"Six Miles Deep"

9 live songs

recorded at "die naTo", Leipzig, 12/04/2015

Now available at
Moloko +


Phil Shoenfelt - Stripped - Inkognito v Podzemí

New release:

Phil Shoenfelt's second part of "Stripped" has been released in Czech language by Mata. More information: "Stripped - Inkognito v podzemí"

Here you can find a video as well as photos of the reading and the following concert of Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross at Rock Cafe, Prague, May 19th 2016.

David Bowie Tribute Concert:
23.06.2016 @ U Vystrelenho Oka, Praha, with Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka and others

Nikki Sudden Tribute Concert:
22.07.2016 @ The Unicorn, Camden Town, London, with Phil Shoenfelt and others

Out now: "The Bell Ringer - Live At The Shot-Out Eye" by Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross

In the 1980s, Englishman Phil Shoenfelt was the guitarist, singer and main songwriter of the post-punk band KHMER ROUGE. While based in New York, Khmer Rouge toured the east coast supporting bands such as The Clash, The Gun Club, Alan Vega, Tom Verlaine, Billy Idol and Nico. Khmer Rouge also supported The Fall in the UK. After Phil went solo he supported Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at concerts in London and Glasgow.

In 1994 Phil Shoenfelt did a tour in the Czech Republic with some local musicians who had learned his songs. On August 5th 1994 they played an unplugged concert at the legendary Prague pub “U Vystřelenýho Oka“. The new Live CD by PHIL SHOENFELT & SOUTHERN CROSS was recorded on the garden stage at the same pub on August 5th 2014, twenty years to the day after the first concert. The CD is called The Bell Ringer and it contains fourteen songs taken from various Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross albums. The title of the CD is ambiguous. Is it a wake-up call? An alarm bell for danger? Last orders in the pub? A final chance to do something in life? A sexual reference, even?

This celebratory CD mixes high energy “dark wave” rock with melancholic ballads from different periods of the band’s career. It also contains two cover versions of Iggy Pop songs: “Open Up And Bleed” and “The Passenger”. The latter song is presented as a “fun” bonus track at the end of the main CD, and features three guest saxophone players from the Czech underground music scene.

New Live-CD "Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - The Bell Ringer - Live At The Shot-Out Eye"

CD Release Party: June 5th, 2015 at Rock Cafe, Prague

New interviews online - see press


Phil Shoenfelt, Sophia Disgrace: Kamikaze Skull

A dark recognition … faces hitherto unseen … lights shifting across a river estuary at dawn … to connect through vortices of cross-dimensional space … then severs at the moment of death … out of which a vibration grows … a third self that insinuates more than initially imagined … a vortex of whispers/voices of the sick and dying … I saw you in a room … I never saw you before…and self-destructive urges surpass quotidian desires … that much at least was agreed … two entities encountered then restrained … outreach of tentacles by more nefarious remains … intuition … visitation … possession … image dust and transmutation in the kamikaze skull …

Kamikaze Skull is an experiment in phylogenetic image transference. Sophia Disgrace (London) and Phil Shoenfelt (Prague) met one time only, at a Berlin night club where Shoenfelt’s band had been playing. A system of writing subsequently evolved, whereby S.D.’s internet linguistic transmissions were cut up, tampered with, pasted and looped by P.S. The outcome was a melded “third voice”, an intuited id-entity in a parallel London that may or may not exist.

Sophia Disgrace is a London-based performance artist/visual artist/poet/professional deviant/member of the Satanic Sluts.

More information: Moloko Plus Records

Phil recently reviewed the debut album by Lizard Pool, you can find the review here.

Dim Locator will be on tour with Harry Howard (ex-The Birthday Party, ex-Crime & The City Solution) and his band Near Death Experience from 04.10.2014 until 11.10.2014. See tour for details

31st of October 2014 @ Propaganda, Praha, Czech Republic




The song "Stupid Rock Star" by Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross has been included on the new sampler CD from Easy Action (UK) called "Shark Infested Waters". Also included on the CD are tracks by Iggy & The Stooges, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Patti Smith, Primal Scream, Johnny Thunders, The Fall and many more. Available from:

Tuesday 5th of August 2014
live at "Hospoda U Vystrelenyho Oka" - 20th anniversary!
Start: 8.00 p.m. (curfew - 10.00 p.m.) -
Entry: 150 CZK

On 5th August 1994 Phil Shoenfelt played at the “Shot Out Eye” pub for the first time... At the same concert, he also met his future wife Jolana… 
Now, exactly 20 years later, he is returning to the scene of the crime…
A free gift will also be on offer - one of the first studio CDs Phil and the band recorded back in the 90s – only for the first 50 people who come through the door!
Another attraction! The concert at HUVO will be recorded for a future live CD. Plus a lot of surprises and special guests!

"Rock Against Cancer" @ Stromovka Park - Free Festival on 28.06.2014
with Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka and others
More information:

New concert dates: Dim Locator play with Harry Howard and Near Death Experience  - see tour

Tom Komárek - musician and writer - 28.06.1980 – 16.07.2013

New releases:

"Magdalena 2" -  A collaborative work in progress by Phil Shoenfelt & Katerina Pinosová's

The new EP-CD "Wormhole" by Dim Locator, featuring 4 original songs

Unfortunately Phil has had to cancel the Dim Locator concert at Loophole Berlin on Wednesday, 13.02.2013, due to a pulled muscle in his back, incurred while lifting equipment.
The screening of “So Glad I Did” will go ahead as planned.


End of November 2012 Goldeck released their new album called "Samtmarie - Galerie der schönen Künste",
featuring Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl on three songs.
For details see


Phil Shoenfelt, Chris Hughes and Pavel Cingl will play a concert on 21st December 2012 at Zizkovský Suterén in Prague, Czech Republic.

Phil will also do a reading from his forthcoming book (in Czech language) "Az Na Dren" (Mata Books), the first part of his NYC trilogy "dd". 

Dim Locator got EP of the month in Austrian music magazine “Vice


The first single by Phil Shoenfelt's new project DIM LOCATOR (Phil Shoenfelt / Chris Hughes / Dave Allen) will be a 7 inch vinyl single, featuring two classic songs by Rowland S. Howard. The record is now available from Vienna label "Cover Recordings"

To order, please contact:

Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross will play concerts in USA and Canada in May 2012.
Check Concerts for details.

In March 2012 
Goldeck released an EP-CD called "Samtmarie III", including the song "Mary Under Glass" with Phil Shoenfelt (vocals/guitar) & Pavel Cingl (violin). For details see



The German label Moloko + will release a new CD by Fatal Shore, titled "Setting The Sails For El Dorado".
The recordings on this CD date from spring 1997 and were recorded at the Delta Club Studio in Prague. They were intended to be demos for what ended up as the first Fatal Shore CD .

01. Wild Is The Wind
02. If You Go Away
03. Dolphins
04. Bird On A Wire
05. My Death
06. Preachin' Blues
07. Who's Been Talking
08. Friday's Child


Dim Locator (Phil Shoenfelt / Chris Hughes / Dave Allen) undertook a successful central European tour in November – Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Hodonin, Budapest. A 7 inch single will be released on an Austrian label in the spring...

Phil developed a fictitious rock and roll persona by the name of Bruce Wellie, who already has a Facebook page at: There will be more from Bruce in the new year...

The first online-only EP by DIM LOCATOR, called "IMMORTALISED", was released through German company on 29.07.2011.

The three song EP is a tribute to the late, great Rowland S. Howard, and contains the following songs:

1. I Ate The Knife
2. Undone
3. Dead Radio

The EP is available as a download @

01.06.2011 Dim Locator (AUS/UK) is a new band formed from the ashes of legendary Berlin-based band Fatal Shore. The group comprises Phil Shoenfelt (guitar/vocals), Chris Hughes (drums/percussion) and Dave Allen (bass guitar).

Englishman Phil Shoenfelt has lived in Prague for many years, and is known for his work with Southern Cross (Prague), Fatal Shore (Berlin) and Khmer Rouge (New York) as well as for his autobiographical novel “Junkie Love”.

Chris Hughes (AUS) is based in Berlin and has played with Fatal Shore, Hugo Race & The True Spirit, Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten, Methylated Spirits, The Act, Nina Hagen, Rowland S. Howard and almost everyone else.

Dave Allen (AUS) is also based in Berlin, and has played bass with Hugo Race & The True Spirit, Methylated Spirits and The Act.

The music of Dim Locator is stripped down industrial psych-rock music with influences from The Stooges, Beasts of Bourbon, The Birthday Party, Pink Fairies and Hawkwind.

World premiere - live 3rd of June 2011 at Parukarka in Prague.

26.04.2011 New merchandising available
"Absyntheum Dresden" releases two special editions of Absinth - "The Green Hotel" and "Junkie Love".
And there's a new shirt available - see "Shop" for details ....
28.02.2011 Please note, that the gig on 09.04.2011 in Wörgl, Austria, is now at "Astner Saal / Hotel Alte Post" instead of "Komma Black Box".







available @   Easy Action

"" is much more in a hard rock direction than anything we've done previously. I'd say that bands like The Stooges, Joy Division and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were an influence, as well as my old NYC band Khmer Rouge. But I also think that the manic anger and paranoic energy I felt while undergoing the Interferon treatment for Hepatitis C last year had a big effect too. Especially on tracks like "Stupid Rock Star" (obviously about Bono and Geldof etc), and "Tired Of Loving You". "Forgiven" is about Bruno Adams, and "Shrine" is for us all. "" (the song) is written through the eyes of a Timothy McVeigh type of character, a potential terrorist or serial killer living on the fringes of society. Someone who feels compelled "to do something about the situation", to take on the corruption and lies he hears in the media and from politicians' mouths. The album starts off fiery and angry and ends on a more melancholic note with "Shrine", which is a kind of epitaph for this slow apocalypse the world now seems to be going through. In some ways I've taken up the lyrical themes I explored with Khmer Rouge back in the 80s, themes I'd describe as "psycho-political". I'm really happy with the overall sound of the CD, it's very layered and textured, with multiple guitar tracks and half submerged melodies. I think it's a very spacey sound, kind of trippy at the same time as it's grungy and metallic. (Phil Shoenfelt)


I took a drive by the side of the ocean
I took a ride to the end of the line
I was looking for the celebration
I left the streets and the city behind
I climbed to the top of the mountain
I crawled through the Valley Of Death
Looking for the keys to the Promised Land
I haven’t found them yet
No, I haven’t found them yet

Propaganda, lies and corruption
The world is spinning out of control
All the people gonna need protection
When the walls of the citadel fall
Idiots and criminals rule my life
I see them on the TV
Selling that snake oil, they don’t give a damn
I’ve been sold down the river to the sea
I’ve been sold down the river to the sea

Is it false or is it true
No one here knows what to do
It’s just a dirty compromise
I can’t escape this web of lies
TV images, cheap sensation
It’s just emotional masturbation
The world is slipping sideways
And I’ve got this sinking feeling in my heart

Now I’m standing at the edge of the future
Where the present and the past collide
The train is rolling out of the station
I’d better get aboard while I can ride
Paranoia dot com feeds my fear
With visions of mayhem and death
Agents of happiness feed my need
Everything’s cool, I guess
And I feel like I’ve been blessed


A child goes down to the ocean
Throws his arms around the sky
He sees how the stars are turning
He laughs then begins to cry
And the moon is blessed
She rises in the west
In his heart he feels uncertain
His dreams are pinned like the wings of a butterfly
And he hides behind the curtain

And the sins and the lies of the fathers
Shall rain down on the heads of their sons
And the dreams of the daughters and the mothers
Shall turn to dust in their hands
And all of this will surely come to pass
And nothing in this world will stay the same
Just the wind and the dust and the ashes of a dream
No winner at the end of the game

And the child screams, “I see nothing
There’s darkness at the heart of the sun”
And he calls to the souls of the children
Who lived and died by the gun
“Graves and lies and crooked alibis
Pay heed to the words that were spoken
Cast out your hate, touch me with your love
Don’t let yourselves be broken”

And I see your face in my dreams sometimes
Like a vision I had so long ago
In the chamber where the books and the keys were laid
Buried so far below
And all of this will surely come to pass
And nothing in this world will stay the same
Just the wind and the dust and the ashes of a dream
No winner at the end of the game

(c) Phil Shoenfelt

(c) Phil Shoenfelt


Magdalena - Phil Shoenfelt & Katerina Pinosová German label Moloko + released a 20-page booklet called "Magdalena", a selection of poems written by Phil Shoenfelt & Katerina Pinosová

"The following poems are taken from MAGDALENA, a collaborative work in progress by Phil Shoenfelt and Katerina Pirosová. The book is a poetic-erotic meditation on the dark, obsessive side of sexuality, and on the magical-erotic nature of Prague itself. It takes the form of a series of poems, letters, short stories and incantations passed back and forth between two imaginary lovers."

The booklet is available via mailorder only at Moloko +.
Please contact

27.10.2010 uploaded some great shots from the CD Release Party in Brno, 20th of October 2010:

Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - Open Up & Bleed Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross recorded a cover version of The Stooges' song "Open Up & Bleed".
The first download-only single (two versions of "Open Up & Bleed") from the forthcoming album "" is available at iTunes, 7Digital and
11.08.2010 Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross' new album "" will be released by British label Easy Action in October 2010.

Easy Action will also release a compilation CD of previously unreleased Nikki Sudden songs, called "Playing With Fire". Phil Shoenfelt, Bruno Adams and Chris Hughes appear as guest musicians on several tracks.
For more information visit Easy Action's website. The CD is for release in September 2010

19.05.2010 The gig at Parukarka Bunkr on Saturday 22.05.2010 will take place!
The line-up will be: Phil Shoenfelt solo; The Three Blind Mice (Milan, Italy); New York Junk (New York/Toronto).
There will be another gig the day before, Friday 21.05.2010 at U Vystrelenyho Oka - line-up: Phil Shoenfelt; The Three Blind Mice (Milan, Italy)
23.04.2010 SHOENFELT (Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross) will release their fourth studio album "" in October 2010. A CD release party with special guests will take place on 12th of October 2010 at Palac Akropolis, Prague.
More information to follow...
02.02.2010 Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross have a profile now at facebook
25.01.2010 Phil wrote an obituary for Rowland S. Howard

Pavel Cingl has his own MySpace site now. Have a look at

Thee Big Black [front cover] Thee Big Black [Junkie Love review]

Phil's novel "Junkie Love" has been reviewd by the magazine Thee Big Black, Issue No. 1, which is available as a free download here.
And we posted the Garageland interview in the "press" section - click here to read the interview and an extract from Phil's yet unpublished novel "Stripped"

More reviews, interviews will follow soon!


Phil has just given an exclusive four page interview to respected UK arts and culture magazine "Garageland" (issue # 9: "Immigration"). The interview contains an extract from Phil's fictionalised autobiography "Stripped", set in the mean streets of late 70's/early 80's NYC. Availabe from all branches of Borders, and at selected outlets such as The ICA, Tate Modern and the Saatchi Gallery.


13.10.2009 A Tribute To Bruno Adams - 16 October 2009 - 19.30 h - @ Club Pilot, Donska 19, Praha 10 Vrsovice

Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross

ACME Poets' Union
(feat. members of Once Upon A Time, Lunar Lounge)

Jon Evans

Rany Tela

Conrad Adams & Chris Russell

Katerina Adams & Phil Shoenfelt

Giles Schumm

Baron Van Hustler

Dimitri Kucharzewski & Katerina Adams


Sidi Santini & The Decadents

Secret 9 Beat

Constance Rudert, Carsten Klatte & Neil Black

Phil Shoenfelt & Lucie Reichrtova

* * *

Plus a documentary film about Bruno Adams
by Mick Harvey & Nick Boddington 

24.09.2009 The duo gig in Vienna on Thursday 12th of November has now been changed to Wednesday 11th of November 2009.


New Online - Releases:


The following records of Phil Shoenfelt are now available as downloads at itunes, musicload and amazon:


Phil Shoenfelt with Tichá Dohoda - Live In Prague (CD-album 1995)

Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - Dead Flowers For Alice (CD-album 1999)

Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - Ecstatic (CD-album 2002)

Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - Electric Garden (CD-single 2002)


as well as the previously unreleased records, which are now available as a download only:


Phil Shoenfelt - Rare Tracks

This collection of rare tracks contains five previously unreleased songs: The original version of "Charlotte's Room" (mixed by Tony Cohen), the B-side "The Long Goodbye" (both 1988) as well as acoustic demo versions of "Hateful Heart" and "Devil's Hole" (1988-89), furthermore a studio version of "Devil's Hole" (1990), featuring Nick Saloman of The Bevis Frond.


Phil Shoenfelt - Dead Flowers For Alice - Unplugged

Rare acoustic and previously unreleased versions of songs from "Dead Flowers For Alice", recorded in 1998.



A Tribute To Bruno Adams - 02. September 2009, 20.00 h

@ Bassy Cowboy Club
Schönhauser Allee 176a
10119 Berlin

Entrance is Euro 10,00

Master of Ceremony: Phil Freeborn


Anastis van Hustler & Mark Boombastik

Ben Becker

Claudius Kielholz

Comedian Pharmacists

Carsten Klatte, Neil Black & Constance Rudert

DJ Scratchy

Fatal Shore

Herbst in Peking


Konrad Adams

Katerina Adams & Friends

Kitty Solaris

Les Hommes Sauvages

Mark Steiner

Martin Dean


Methylated Spirits

Mick Harvey (via live transmission from Australia)

Once Upon A Time

Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross

Rany Tela

Sarah Asling & Peter Hofmann

The Fullbliss

The Inchtabokatables

The Jetlag Junkies

Two Dollar Bash

18.07.2009 "Golden Vanity" by Nikki Sudden & Phil Shoenfelt can already be purchased through Easy Action
The official release date is July 24th, 2009.

Phil guest vocaled and played acoustic guitar on a song by a Greek band called Dustbowl

Phil and his band are currently working on new songs for their upcoming album.... More information will follow.

16.06.2009 The gig at Nova Sin on 18th of June 2009 is cancelled.
10.06.2009 Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross will play memorial concerts for Bruno Adams of Once Upon A Time and Fatal Shore:

29.08.2009 at Kino in Ebensee, Austria, with Les Hommes Sauvages
02.09.2009 at Bassy Cowboy Club in Berlin, Germany, with many more bands, including Hugo Race and Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten)
16.10.2009 at Pilot Bar in Prague, Czech Republic with many others

29.04.2009 The gig in Athens, Greece on 10th May 2009 has been changed. It is no longer at the Blue Bar, Athens, but at The Tiki Bar, Athens, Greece.

Wolfgang Gürster has uploaded live pictures of Fatal Shore and also a selection of photos of Bruno (Special - We Will Remember) - have a look at


Thanks to all of you who attended Bruno's funeral on Saturday in Berlin. And thanks, too, to the hundreds of well-wishers who sent messages through the post, by phone and through My Space, but who couldn't be there in person. It was a sad, but beautiful affair, a fitting send-off for a man whose big heart, warmth and musical talent affected so many people. And as someone who loved life and loved people, I am sure that Bruno would have been touched by the huge outpouring of love and affection that his passing occasioned.

I would just like to mention that there will be at least two tribute concerts in the coming weeks and months to celebrate Bruno's music and his life: one in Berlin and one in Prague. There may be other concerts organised in other cities as well. As soon as we have any idea of the times, dates and venues, we will post this news on the Fatal Shore homepage and My Space sites.

Phil Shoenfelt

20.04.2009 The date and time of Bruno's funeral has now been set, and all those wishing to pay their final respects are welcome to attend. The service will take place at 12 noon on Saturday 25th April at Alter Luisenstadt Kirchhof, Südstern 8-12, 10961 Berlin. 

Update: Apparently there are several entrances to the cemetery. Please use the entrance on Südstern 8-12 (not Bergmannstr. 39-47) And after the funeral there will be an informal get-together in Hasenheide Park, a short distance from the cemetery. Any of Bruno's friends are welcome to come along and make a kind of picnic. Food and drinks will not be provided, so please bring your own refreshments. In the evening there will be an informal reception at the Trödler club in Kreuzberg, a favourite haunt of Bruno's. Again, all are welcome.


For those of you who don't already know, Fatal Shore singer and frontman Bruno Adams died peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of Saturday morning, 18/4/2009.


Bruno had been battling cancer for five years with all the strength and courage he could muster. But in the end time ran out, and he passed away at home in Berlin, surrounded by his family and close friends. Although in great physical pain, Bruno never once gave in to self-pity or despair. He loved his wife Katka and his three children with a depth of passion that never faltered, and in spite of his rapidly deteriorating condition, he managed to remain lucid and aware right up until the end. Bruno loved life and he loved people, and for him to be taken from us at such a young age is a tragedy that we will all suffer to come to terms with. The wonderful music he made will continue to inspire, and everyone whose life he touched (and there are many), will remember this unique and beautiful character with the deep love and respect that were the hallmark of Bruno's own attitude to life.


Bruno Adams: Born 02/09/1963, Bacchus Marsh, Australia. Died 18/04/2009 R.I.P. Berlin, Germany.

Details about Bruno's funeral will be posted on the Fatal Shore homepage as soon as we know them. The funeral will take place in Berlin, and all Bruno's friends are welcome to attend. If you would like to send a message of condolence, go to:


Phil Shoenfelt, Prague, 18/04/2009


10.04.2009 Pratajev In Prague - Phil's first and only effort at film-making, in which he plays Charles Cockburn, an effete BBC reporter hot on the heels of the mythical (and non-existent) Russian romantic doctor/poet Pratajev. A satirical poke at the kind of art documentary that takes itself too seriously, the film was commissioned by Leipzig band The Russian Doctors, and is loosely based on Phil's short story "A Little Known Episode" (to be found in the Writings section).

Pratajev In Prague, Part I - YouTube

Pratajev In Prague, Part II - YouTube

15.03.2009 Nikki Sudden & Phil Shoenfelt - Golden Vanity

"The Lost album from Berlin has finally surfaced ten years after the recording finished. One of the most experimental albums recorded by Schoenfelt & the late Nikki Sudden....

With very great pleasure we announce that Troubadour is issuing the Golden Vanity album recorded by Nikki Sudden & Phil Shoenfelt in Berlin in 1998. Ten years later it will see the light of day with full blessing of the Sudden estate and the brilliant Mr Shoenfelt. Easy Action boss Carlton says "this is one f##kin amazing album! Having worked with both Nikki & Phil they have blended their unique talents together to make an extraordinary album. Its like T.Rex (of course) meeting Amon Duul bumping into Hawkwind on the way, very rock n roll indeed. I am really excited about getting this album out at last !!"

01. Hanoi Jane
02. Cloak Of Virtue

03. Jack Ketch
04. Portcullis
05. Love Makes Her Shine
06. Bang A Gong
07. Waiting For You
08. Jamboree Bag

09. Golden Door (early version of Broken Door)
10. Teenage Sheets
11. Wage A Crown
12. Hangman’s Daughter

13. Angel Wings
14. Cullisport
15. Master Sampson

"Golden Vanity" is available to pre-order now for delivery during April 2009 -

Fatal Shore - Bird On A Wire 3-track EP

German online label FUEGO released a 3 track EP:


01. Bird On A Wire
02. Dolphins
03. Friday's Child


"Fuego Collector's Item" is available as a download only:


01.02.2009 Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl received a GrIndie Award for the CD "Live At The House Of Sin".
Click the logo to


23.11.2008 Several new videos of Phil Shoenfelt / Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross / Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl have been posted on You Tube recently. Some are by the mysterious artmaniac53 from Greece, others were filmed on Phil's and Pavel's recent mini tour of New York clubs.
If you want to se them, go to and do a search under Phil Shoenfelt.

Phil Shoenfelt and Pavel Cingl play for the first time in New York, USA:

10.11.2008 @ Cake Shop

11.11.2008 @ Otto's Shrunken Head

12.11.2008 @ Arlene's Grocery

14.11.2008 @ Spike Hill

16.11.2008 @ The Slipper Room

Easy Action Records will release "Golden Vanity" by Nikki Sudden & Phil Shoenfelt:

Nikki Sudden & Lost Berlin Album Coming Soon!

It is with very great pleasure that we announce that the Troubadour label will be issuing the Golden Vanity album recorded by Nikki Sudden & Phil Shoenfelt in Berlin in 1998. Ten years later it will see the light of day with full blessing of the Sudden estate and the brilliant Mr Shoenfelt . Easy Action boss Carlton Sandercock says " this is one f##kin amazing album! Having worked with both Nikki & Phil they have blended their unique talents together to make an extraordinary album . Its like nothing I've heard by either of them. There's T.Rex (of course) meeting Amon Duul bumping into Hawkwind on the way very rock n roll indeed. I am really excited about getting this album out at last!!"

Phil Shoenfelt is the author of the highly acclaimed novel Junkie Love . We will get you a link to get hold of this book soon. Phil also recorded many albums including "God is the other face of the devil" for Humbug in 1994. Last month an album " Live at the House of Sin " with Pavel Cingl was issued in Europe. We will try n get copies for you to buy here. [Easy Action Records]

11.09.2008 Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross were recently asked for a couple of songs by New York internet radio station Breakthrough Radio. The programme is called "Spotlight On The City" and focuses on the Prague/Czech music scene. It features several current bands, in addition to PS & SC. After clicking on the link, go to the show dated September 9th, 2008.

10.08.2008 Phil Shoenfelt and Pavel Cingl play for the first time in Norway:

27.08.2008 at Cafe Mono, Oslo, together with Mark Steiner (of legendary NYC band Pyker Ryan’s Folly)

28.08.2008 at Sound of Mu, with a book reading by Phil from his autobiographic novel "Junkie Love"

31.08.2008 at Café Mir, Oslo, with Einar Stenseng

30.05.2008 Please note - The Fatal Shore concerts in Teplice, Czech Republic (31st of May)
and Berlin, Germany (1st of June) are cancelled.
14.05.2008 You can vote for SHOENFELT's video clip "Magdalena" on, click "Hlasuj!" (check for "vote"). Yo can repeat the vote ten times a day...

Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl - Live At The House Of Sin will be released on April 14th, 2008.
For more information click here.

Release parties for the upcoming Live CD "Live At The House Of Sin":

... 31.03.2008 in London, England @  12 Bar Club

... 14.04.2008 in Prague, Czech Republic @ Blues Sklep - Liliova Ulice

02.03.2008 Phil did an interview with Greek online music mag music3 - see press
05.02.2008 31st of March 2008: Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl play at London’s legendary 12 Bar Club, with Mark Mulholland and Jason McNiff - London CD release party for Phil & Pavel’s new CD "Live At The House Of Sin" recorded in December 2007 at Galerie Nova Sin, Prague.
31.01.2008 The video for "Magdalena" now on YouTube
17.01.2008 Phil Shoenfelt and Pavel Cingl recorded a live duo CD last December 5th and 6th at the art gallery/club in the centre of Prague called "Galerie Nova Sin". Probably it will be called: "Live At The House Of Sin". More information will follow soon...
13.01.2008 A friend of Phil, Kamil of Lifelines Films, made a music video for "Magdalena", which you can watch here
01.01.2008 Happy New Year to all of you


14.11.2007 Nick Pagan (who did a few gigs with Phil), former keyboardist of The Changelings and collaborator with members of The Swans, Siouxsie & The Banshees and The Velvet Underground, will perform a set of ballads and Baroque Electropop, Saturday November 24th, 2007 at Shakespeare & Sons, Prague, with Electro Duo Winterpark from Melbourne, Australia

Nick Pagan's MySpace site:

31.10.2007 Phil did an interview with - see press
23.10.2007 Upcoming concerts:


25.09.2007 On December 5th and 6th Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl will be recording the performance for a new live CD at Galerie Nová Sín in Prague. They need as many people as possible to come along and create a good atmosphere!
06.09.2007 "On October 3rd, 1982, The Clash played at the R.P.I. Fieldhouse, a huge ice-hockey stadium in Troy, New York. The support band on that occasion was Khmer Rouge, a British post-punk band based in New York. Fronted by singer/guitarist Phil Shoenfelt, Khmer Rouge also included bass player Barry “Scratchy” Myers, who had accompanied The Clash as guest DJ on their first three US tours. The line-up was completed by drummer Paul Garisto, who later went on to play with the Psychedelic Furs and Iggy Pop. On October 11th, 2007, twenty five years after the Troy, NY, show, Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross will support ex-Clash guitarist Vince White at the Retro Music Hall in Prague. Thus completing a circle in time that has nothing to do with nostalgia."

SHOENFELT @ Retro Music Hall, Prague
on October 11th, 2007
supporting Vince White (ex-The Clash)

04.09.2007 Bruno Adams and Phil Shoenfelt will be playing unplugged in the intermate backroom of "Trödler", Dresdener Str. 123, Berlin-Kreuzberg on 7th of September 2007. The concert will begin around 10 pm.
28.08.2007 Phil Shoenfelt will be special guest at the first live gig of Cinderella Effect on 8th of September in Berlin, see tour
21.08.2007 The Financial Times reviewed "Junkie Love" - see literature
19.07.2007 Phil recently did a long interview with the Californian on-line magazine Swampland - see interviews
Phil Shoenfelt - Junkie Love

Junkie Love has been licensed to Ebury Press/Random House for distribution in the UK and Commonwealth. This version of the book will be published 5th of July 2007.
For more information about the new edition go to:
Suddenly Yours: A Tribute To Nikki Sudden
Spanish label Sunthunder Records released the Nikki Sudden compilation CD "Suddenly Yours: A Tribute To Nikki Sudden", including "Death Is Hanging Over Me" performed by SHOENFELT



Amboss Recordings released Fatal Shore's third album "Real World".
You can order the CD direct from


19.02.2007 Fatal Shore on tour in Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark and Germany - see concerts


12.12.2006 Listen to the Nikki-Sudden-cover "Death Is Hanging Over Me" by SHOENFELT
07.12.2006 On Friday December 1st 2006, Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross went into a Prague studio to record a cover version of the Nikki Sudden classic "Death Is Hanging Over Me". This was at the request of Spanish indie label Sunthunder Records, who have been inviting various artists to record their favourite Nikki song. The compilation CD (provisionally entitled "Suddenly yours: a tribute to Nikki Sudden") will be released early next year on Sunthunder Records (watch this space for details about exactly when it will be released).
04.11.2006 The Spanish label Sunthunder Records will release a Nikki Sudden tribute album next year. Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross will contribute with "Death Is Hanging Over Me".


The debut CD "Pearls" by Cinderella Effect, fronted by singer Constance Rudert of German Dark Wave band Blutengel, will be released on October 27th 2006 on the Out Of Lin label, via SPV. The CD contains a brilliant version of one of Phil Shoenfelt's songs, Darkest Hour, from the Dead Flowers For Alice CD. Highly recommended!


09.10.2006 Please note, the gig at Solnice in Ceske Budejovice has been changed
from 11/10/2006 to 10/10/1006.
08.10.2006 Phil's second album "God Is The Other Face Of The Devil" is available now as digital download now through Cherry Red's website. Also "Live In Prague" should be up there soon.

Check out Fatal Shore's new song "Real World" from their forthcoming album - MySpace.
The projected release date for their third album is spring 2007.

27.08.2006 On 21/09/2006 Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl play at the N.C. EVE @ Kino Oko,
plus Prague premier of "The Proposition" (John Hillcoat's film with screenplay and music by Nick Cave)


Nikki Sudden Tribute Night
31/08/2006 @ Roter Salon, Berlin

with Anastis, Big Sleep, Clark Nova Five, Don Chambers, Comedian Pharmacists, Max Decharne, Al DeLoner, Chris Damien Doll, Fancie, Fatal Shore, The Fullbliss, Jowe Head, Impure Throughts, The Dave Kusworth Group, Meadowstar, Methylated Spirits, Panda, Clive Product, Kitty Solaris, Einar Stenseng, DJ Jewel Thief
and special guests

We added some older interviews (also one with Nick Saloman who interviewd Phil back in 1990) - see press

10.08.2006 Phil Shoenfelt was interviewed by Berlin-based author Ni Gudix.
You can read the German version of this interview at or here under "press"
30.07.2006 New gigs in Denmark, see concerts
17.07.2006 The website has been updated with some old reviews for "Backwoods Crucifixion", "God Is The Other Face Of The Devil"; "Charlotte's Room", etc. in English, German, Italian and French, plus some more "older" stuff (see press)
12.07.2006 Last month, Phil Shoenfelt was interviewd by the Berlin-based author Ni Gudix.
The interview is quite long and detailed, and mainly focuses on issues connected with heroin abuse raised by Phil's autobiographical novel "Junkie Love". The full interview will appear later in the year in the 10th anniversary edition of Leipzig magazine "Haerter". A shortened version will appear in mid-July at:

More concert dates added, see "gigs"

29.06.2006 Fatal Shore and many other bands will play a memorial concert for Nikki Sudden
on 31st August 2006 in Berlin at "Roter Salon"
14.06.2006 Both Fatal Shore albums, "Fatal Shore" and "Free Fall", are now available as digital downloads at musicload and iTunes:

Fatal Shore:
Free Fall:
12.05.2006 Due to unforseen circumstances the Greek tour is postponed until October 2006
16.04.2006 The Nikki Sudden Memorial Concert in Berlin on 21st May has been cancelled for the moment.
12.04.2006 The Double CD album "Deep Horizon - Selected Songs Of Phil Shoenfelt" is now available as digital download at American iTunes:
10.04.2006 Pavel Cingl will be playing a gig together with Brad Stratton at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City on 15th April 2006.
He will also record some tracks for the new CD of William Hart Strecker.

Wolfgang Gürster put together some excellent shots of Nikki Sudden and presents them on his website

04.04.2006 There will be Nikki Sudden Memorial Concerts in Berlin on 21st May and in Prague on 28th May, see gigs
02.04.2006 Phil wrote an article on football for a Czech newspaper.
31.03.2006 Nikki Sudden - in memorium


Nikki Sudden, 1956-2006 "Nikki Sudden, who passed away in New York on Sunday March 26th, was a dear friend and a huge inspiration. Not only to me, but to thousands of other Rock & Roll hearts the world over. He burned like a star and lived like a star, and his music was incredibly special. Right up there with the Rock & Roll legends he was obsessed with. So much energy, so much creativity, so much life, so much generosity. When Angels Die, indeed...
Nikki, it was a huge privilege knowing you. With sadness and regret, but with exhilaration too. Condolences to your father and mother, and to your musical partners, past and present.

Your friend, Phil."
09.03.2006 "Deep Horizon" is now available as digital music download at iTunes
16.02.2006 Ebury Press (UK), part of the Random House / Bertelsmann publishing group, will publish a UK edition of Junkie Love in Spring 2007.
They will buy the licensing rights for the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
30.01.2006 Phil Shoenfelt's Best-of compilation "Deep Horizon - Selected Songs of Phil Shoenfelt" is available now as digital music download at 
17.01.2006 A video of Phil Shoenfelt & violinist Pavel Cingl from Southern Cross can be seen at The footage was shot on 12/01/2006 at notorious Prague pub "U Vystrelyenho Oka" (The Shot-out Eye Pub), and appears online at new TV station Zizkov TV.
08.01.2006 Nat Finkelstein, former manager of Phil's band KHMER ROUGE, has his own website now at
On this page you can also view the video clip for Khmer Rouge's "New Assassins".
Direct link:

There are a lot of new live dates listed, see concerts




We, Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross and Volker Regner, would like to express our condolences to the family and friends of Lothar Gärtner, who passed away after a long illness on Saturday the 3rd of December 2005.

Lothar was a true lover of music and had a strong vision of what he wanted to release on the three record labels he founded: the well known German independent Strange Ways, Sireena and more recently his new company Phantasmagoria. All of these labels were committed to releasing high quality independent music which Lothar personally believed in.

We thank him for releasing our own CD Deep Horizon in 2004, and it is a CD we are extremely proud of. Without Lothar it wouldn't have been possible.

We miss him greatly and would like to express our admiration for a man who did so much to further the cause of independent music. His legacy will live on in the music he championed.

22.11.2005 Phil Shoenfelt will do a book reading from "Junkie Love" (with translation in German) as part of the Leipzig Book Fair on 17th March 2006, see tour
14.11.2005 FATAL SHORE have now opened a site on My Space. To view this new site go to:
13.11.2005 FATAL SHORE started recording songs for their forthcoming album.
They are playing a concert on 16th December in Berlin.

Phil Shoenfelt and Bruno Adams appear as special guests on Nikki Sudden's new CD, which will be released next year. Phil and Bruno both contributed guitar parts for a rocking new song called "I Know You"  during a recording session at Claustrophobia Studio in Berlin on 3rd November.

08.11.2005 We added a new link to Brix Smith's Adult Net
Phil played guitar on their 1985 12" "Incense And Peppermints"
25.10.2005 As the old website on was visited very often the last time and the traffic of the website access was quite a lot (so the page got out of access), we decided to register a real domain without any advertising.
At this opportunity, we decided to refresh the whole page and changed the design. Hope you'll like it. Let us know your thoughts
02.10.2005 Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross have recently opened a site on My Space. Here you can find a shortened biography in English, four complete songs to listen to, photographs and a super-cool collection of friends whose music you can listen to by clicking on their photographs. To view this new site go to:
29.09.2005 The biography was updated, see biography
19.09.2005 New review for "Deep Horizon", see Deep Horizon
22.08.2005 On 11th August the Berlin club "Wallywoods" released a compilation 2-CD, featuring live songs of Phil Shoenfelt, Nikki Sudden, Bruno Adams, etc. For further information have a look at

Wolfgang Sterneck's new book "Erotika - Drogen und Sexualitat" has just been released by Nachtschatten Verlag, and it contains a passage from Phil's "Junkie Love". Other contirbutors include William S. Burroughs, Nick Cave, Marilyn Manson, Irvine Welsh and Brett Easton Ellis. More information at Wolfgang Sterneck's website and at Nachtschatten Verlag

Phil Shoenfelt plays tomorrow, 23rd August @ Linhart Foundation Gallery, Dolni Pocernice, Prague (CZ) - Opening of Exhibition for New York artists John Nowman and Ann Shostrom

11.07.2005 The UK fanzine Bucketfull Of Brains" reviewed Phil's Best-of "Deep Horizon" - see Deep Horizon
The gig tomorrow at the Elbhangfest in Dresden (D) has been cancelled.
JUNKIE LOVE is finally available in an Italian version. It was released 19th May 2005 by Arcana - ISBN 88-7966-391-7. The translator is Luca Fusari, illustrations by Jolana Izbická.

The list with the concerts of 1997 has been completed now.

Phil finally wrote the second newsletter for the homepage...check it out!
A song by Phil Shoenfelt will be on the Phantasmagoria CD sampler "Hardcover University - Phantasmagoria Compilation Vol. 1" which comes out 13th of May. Further bands on this album are Element of Crime, Mark Burgess, Raindogs, Dead Guitars, God Box, etc. More information at (the CD can also be ordered there).
Phil's novel "Junkie Love" in Italian comes out May 19th. It's through Rome publisher FAZI
New concert dates, some with German band WISSMUT - concerts

Another review for Deep Horizon
Phil will support Mark E Smith's THE FALL on two gigs in Scotland at the End of April - concerts.
New concert dates - concerts
Two upcoming solo gigs in Germany - concerts
Phil interviewed Nikki Sudden for the forthcoming May issue of "Bucketfull of Brains"
Interview with Greek music magazine "Pop & Rock"
SHOENFELT and ONCE UPON A TIME live @ "Rock Cafe", Narodni Trida, Prague (CZ) on 23rd February


Have a look at It's a brand new website of Wolfgang Gürster, with hundreds of live rock photos.
Two CD reviews for Nikki Sudden's album "Treasure Island", written by Phil Shoenfelt.
Interview with "Radio Praha" September 2004.

Fotos from the CD Release Party: Thanks, Anicka.

Claus Castenskiold, the former drummer of KHMER ROUGE, has now his own website @ Have a look!

(c) "LaudSpeaker" by Claus Castenskiold

06.11.2004 Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl playing at the PRAG-O-MANIA Festival in Dresden, Germany - concerts
"Deep Horizon" + Khmer Rouge's "1981 - 86 New York - London" CD Release Party @ "Palac Akropolis", Prague (CZ) on 17th November. SHOENFELT are playing, supported by WISSMUT and ex-CLASH tour DJ and Khmer Rouge member  BARRY "SCRATCHY" MYERS.
Written by Phil Shöenfelt for the Leipzig band THE RUSSIAN DOCTORS:
"A LITTLE KNOWN EPISODE – Pratajev in Zizkov" A short history of the great Russian poet Pratajev, who has inspired the band with his immortal lines ...
Phil Shoenfelt's former band, which he formed in New York in 1981, finally has a double CD, KHMER ROUGE, NEW YORK-LONDON 1981-1986, released on the UK label VOICEPRINT. The CD finally sees the light of day almost twenty years after the band split up. For more details, go to:
Date changed: SHOENFELT concert on 16/11/2004 at Moritzbastei in Leipzig (D). This has been changed from 18/11 ....
"Deep Horizon" is available at Glitterhouse Mailorder now -they also wrote a great review.
Phil Shoenfelt - Reading from "Junkie Love" (German translation by ‘Russian Doctor’ Frank B. Pichelstein) 27.08.04, 8pm @ BaFF Jugendtreff Bachviertel, Käthe-Kollwitz-Strasse 91, 04109 Leipzig, Germany (NiD Leipzig TIPP).
The Phil Shoenfelt Double-CD "Deep Horizon" will be available in record shops / online stores etc. from September 27th on.

Khmer Rouge's Double-CD "NYC - London 1981-86" will be released on September 13th by Voiceprint/Hip Priest Records.

The Phil Shoenfelt Double-CD "Deep Horizon - Selected Songs Of Phil Shoenfelt" has just been released by Phantasmagoria Records, Germany. 27 great songs, most of them rare and out of print. The Double-CD is actually a Digi-Pak with wonderful artwork by "Echo"-prize winner Friedel Muders (FUEGO Media). Nikki Sudden wrote the liner notes.
The Double-CD costs 15,50 Euro + 2 Euro postage (Germany) / 4 Euro (Europe).
You can order direct @ Phantasmagoria Records
Note: The Phantasmagoria website is in German. If you need details on how to order / payment methods etc. click here.
The release of Khmer Rouge 2CD is scheduled for September.
Do you want to see if Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross has ever played in your town?
Then click here...
New concert dates for Czech Republic, Germany, Poland
A new Czech edition of JUNKIE LOVE ("Fetacká Laska") is being prepared -
this will be the third print run and the edition will be in hardback.
Another release soon: The German label Phantasmagoria will release a Phil Shöenfelt Best-of-Double-CD, called "Deep Horizon - Selected Songs Of Phil Shoenfelt" - read Nikki Sudden's liner notes for this CD
The English indie label Voiceprint will release the KHMER ROUGE double-CD. More infos soon...
The CDs "Ecstatic" and "Dead Flowers For Alice" are now available at (go to the webshop).

At the gallery you'll find two very new photos of Phil and Pavel Cingl

The Greek dates have been changed again! See concerts for the confirmed dates.
Phil Shoenfelt solo opening set before WISSMUT on 6th February in Dresden (D) - concerts
The new Fatal Shore CD FREE FALL has just been released by the German label Moloko +.
The CD was recorded in Cincinnatti, USA, a couple of years ago and features nine new songs. These songs are all original compositions written by Phil Shoenfelt and Bruno Adams.
The CD is distributed in Germany by Target, or is available direct from Moloko +
Phil and Pavel Cingl will do a little tour in Greece - concerts
Photos from a gig at "Palac Akropolis", Prague (CZ)

If you want to buy CDs or books contact or


some photos of Phil's reading at the Pragomania Festival in Dresden, Germany.
new gigs in Czech Republic...
Phil Shoenfelt & Bruno Adams - live in Berlin
SHOENFELT concert and reading from "Junkie Love" in Dresden, Germany
Two FATAL SHORE gigs in Czech Republic!! - see concerts
Southern Cross' latest CD "Ecstatic" and Phil's novel "Junkie Love" are now available through Glitterhouse mailorder
"Waiting For You" is broadcasting on Czech music television Channel "O"

Jarda wrote a biography for the website

Southern Cross decided to rename the band into "SHOENFELT"

Reading from "Junkie Love" (and acoustic songs related to the book) at the new art gallery in Prague called "Futura Project".

"Globe Bookstore - 10th Anniversary Street Party" (Prague) - Phil Shoenfelt and Pavel Cingl.
For more info check the concerts

The video for "Waiting For You" has been played several times on Czech National TV, on the popular music/arts programme called "Night With The Angels"; it's broadcasted every Saturday night from midnight until 4am...
There's a website of KHMER ROUGE, Phil's former post-punk band, with lots of information, e.g. biographies and memoirs of band members. Check in!

Pavel Cingl wrote a biography for the "Southern Cross" website...

Review for "Ecstatic" by Nikki Sudden, see Ecstatic
Photos of the December gig in Göppingen, Germany (Thanx to Jürgen Fecker who shot the pic's) - gallery
Southern Cross finished the video shooting for "Waiting For You" - guitarist and violin player Pavel Cingl wrote the screenplay with different locations around Prague. During the next weeks it will be edited and then it's ready for broadcasting...
Two upcoming concerts in Ukraine on 12th and 13th April. See concerts for details
Phil and his band are at the moment preparing music videos for "Waiting For You" and "Twisted".
If you are looking for a copy of Phil's first solo CD "Backwoods Crucifixion" then you should check out (it's the label which released this album). Mint copies of this CD can be ordered there...
"Ecstatic" got a very good review on Irish CD-reviews website called "Whisperin' and Hollerin' " - Reviews for Ecstatic
Hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The last weeks we've been very busy preparing a new design for the website. Now it has been completely revised with much more information, pictures and up-to-date ordering info for CDs and Books. (In the future we will translate some sites into German, there will be short biographies of Southern Cross-members, etc.). You'll find two very new interviews Phil did with a Czech newspaper (Burinka) and a Slovakian paper (SME) - both are in English.
So check them out - Interviews

You'll see on some items a link to the PSSC-shop, that's the official shop of Phil Shöenfelt & Southern Cross. Following items can be ordered there:

CD "Ecstatic"
CD-single "Electric Garden"
CD "Dead Flowers For Alice"
CD "Blue Highway" (sold out at the moment - will be released again; we'll let you know!)
CD "The Fatal Shore"

BOOK "The Green/Zelený Hotel"
BOOK "Junkie Love"
BOOK "Fetacká Laská"

At the moment the shop isn't working (for some technical reasons) but you can alternative send your order or questions for ordering details to or to and you'll get an answer as soon as possible...


11-2002 LIVE CHAT with Phil:

On Monday, 25th November will be a live chat with Phil on web server Tiscali.
The adress is

You can send the questions since now...

The new album "Ecstatic" is out now. It's on Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross' own label called Exupery Records. At the moment this CD is only available in record shops in Czech Republic, on concerts and at Exupery, so e-mail to if you want a copy.
CD Release Party for Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross' new album "Ecstatic":
31 October 2002 at "Palac Akropolis" in Prague (CZ). Beginning 19.30
The prospective release-date for the new album "Ecstatic" in Czech Republic is October 31st. Phil wrote a short comedy about the present situation with Iraq, called "George and Tony and Dick and Don" -check it out at writings.

In September Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross are going to Croatia for a couple of concerts.
It´s organized by a travel agency from Prague and it´s possible for you to go there with PSSC and two more Czech bands ("Sto zvirat" and "Bila nemoc"). It´s in the middle of Dalmatian, near Sibenik. The town is called Tisno and it´s on island "Murter". There is equipped camp and every evening will be concerts at the camp (for free of course). The costs, incl. transport from Prague, are 3300 CZK (110 EURO - without food) and 5220 CZK (174 EURO - incl. all day food). The term is 13th to 22nd September. So if you want you can join this trip!!

phone: +420 2 24216932-3
for more information visit:

The English and German Biographies were updated...

Very good news: "Ecstatic", the very new album of Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross, is now completely mixed and will be released with a 4-track Bonus CD in October 2002.

Phil Shoenfelt and the Southern Cross are still mixing the new CD and recorded two new versions of "Garden Of Eden" - re-named into "Electric Garden"!!

The concert in Ebensee (Austria) in April has been recorded and probably will be released in the near future.

Also there's a new date for a book reading from Junkie Love on 25th May at the "Sramkuv Book Festival" in Pisek (CZ).

JUNKIE LOVE won the 2001 Firecracker Alternative Book Award in New York. It was voted for the best book in the category "Drugs"!!
The publisher Plasma Books (based in Athen, Greece) will translate JUNKIE LOVE in Greek! It should be out later this year or early 2003.

Southern Cross finished mixing their new CD.

Phil is going to Berlin (D), Dresden (D) and London (GB) for some book readings - for deatils check out the tour dates.

New Date: 20th July, Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross live at the Susice Festival in Czech Republic
JUNKIE LOVE has been shortlisted for the 2001 "Firecracker Alternative Book Awards" in New York. You can vote for the book by going to the homepage , then click on "Vote" go to the "Drugs" section where you find Junkie Love.
A German Biography and an MP3-site have been added. Have a look...
Reading from Junkie Love in Berlin! (tour)
Reading from JUNKIE LOVE in London in April (see tour)
Nikki Sudden has written a great review of JUNKIE LOVE (see literature)
The excellent and expert photographer Wolfgang Gürster gave me a lot of wonderful shots of Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross and Fatal Shore for the gallery. So, check it out - it's worthwhile! Many thanks to Wolfgang!!


The Fatal Shore concerts and also the readings of JUNKIE LOVE in Berlin, Germany have been postponed until February 2002.
The homepage is updated now with a newsletter from Phil.
The website will be updated soon with a monthly letter from Phil and short bios and pictures of Southern Cross as well.

JUNKIE LOVE is available now - check out the literature page for ordering details...
The new Fatal Shore CD FREE FALL is finally mixed and will be out in December by Quality Fur Records, USA.

Book Launch Party for English version of JUNKIE LOVE in Prague (CZ) at "Klub Fraktal" on 25th October.
Phil is currently working on his New York trilogy called "Stripped" that will come out in Czech next year.
Southern Cross prepared demos for their next CD and played some of the new songs on concerts. In September they're going to the studio to record them. Four of the new songs (which they've already played on concerts) are:

"Wasted Life"
"The Spirit & The Flesh"

Phil Shoenfelt's novel "Junkie Love" (released in Czech as "Fetácká Láska" in 1997) will be released in English in October/November 2001 by Twisted Spoon Press.
More information + comments about "Junkie Love" from related artists on the literature page!