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Phil Shoenfelt The Green Hotel / Zelený Hotel

1998 Mat'a poe'r'zie CZ



ISBN: 80-86013-39-1
Language: English / Czech translation

Czech translation by Lubos Snizek
illustrated by Jolana Izbická


The Green Hotel is a collection of song lyrics and poetry that spans a period of twenty five years, from 1972-1997. The poems mostly date from the late 1970's to mid 1980's, and deal with themes of alienation and desire, madness and love, hope and despair, fusing the personal and political in an examination of the moral and emotional vacuum of late twentieth century life. The song texts focus on the author's four post-1988 C.D.s, and reflect the mythology of the outsider adrift in a hostile landscape, who is prey to his own fantasies and paranoia, and whose relationships with others are frequently obsessive and destructive.

Together, the poetry and song texts document the development of an artist who has resolutely remained outside mainstream culture and who continues to write in opposition to dominant codes and the dictates of fashion.


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