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Phil Shoenfelt & Katerina Pinosová Magdalena

2010 Moloko + Booklet 001


Magdalena.jpg (56682 Byte)


20-page booklet

Language: English

Layout using "The Idol Of Perversity" and "Parsival" by Jean Delville (1867 - 1953)


Phil Shoenfelt & Katerina Pinosová Magdalena 2

2013 Moloko + Booklet 004



24-page booklet

Language: English

Illustrations by Katerina Pinosová, layout by Robert Schalinski



The poems are taken from MAGDALENA, a collaborative work in progress by Phil Shoenfelt and Katerina Pirosová. The book is a poetic-erotic meditation on the dark, obsessive side of sexuality, and on the magical-erotic nature of Prague itself. It takes the form of a series of poems, letters, short stories and incantations passed back and forth between two imaginary lovers.


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