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Phil Shoenfelt & Sophia Disgrace Kamikaze Skull

2014 Moloko + Booklet 005



32-page booklet

Language: English


A dark recognition … faces hitherto unseen … lights shifting across a river estuary at dawn … to connect through vortices of cross-dimensional space … then severs at the moment of death … out of which a vibration grows … a third self that insinuates more than initially imagined … a vortex of whispers/voices of the sick and dying … I saw you in a room … I never saw you before…and self-destructive urges surpass quotidian desires … that much at least was agreed … two entities encountered then restrained … outreach of tentacles by more nefarious remains … intuition … visitation … possession … image dust and transmutation in the kamikaze skull …

Kamikaze Skull is an experiment in phylogenetic image transference. Sophia Disgrace (London) and Phil Shoenfelt (Prague) met one time only, at a Berlin night club where Shoenfelt’s band had been playing. A system of writing subsequently evolved, whereby S.D.’s internet linguistic transmissions were cut up, tampered with, pasted and looped by P.S. The outcome was a melded “third voice”, an intuited id-entity in a parallel London that may or may not exist.

Sophia Disgrace is a London-based performance artist/visual artist/poet/professional deviant/member of the Satanic Sluts.

Cover photo: Nigel Wingrove
Angle grinder photo: Kash R Photography
All other images: Sophia Disgrace
Gestaltung: Kai Pohl


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