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2016 Moloko + (D) / Cat.No. PLUS 084


I Don't Care About Nothing Anymore
I Ate The Knife
Dan The Man From Ampellang
Six Miles Deep
Orgone Accumulator
Do It

Phil Shoenfelt vocals, guitar

Dave Allen
bass guitar

Chris Hughes drums


Track 1: Hooper/Owen/Perkins (Mushroom Music)
Track 2: Howard (Mute Songs)
Track 3: Shoenfelt/Allen/Hughes (Copyright Control)
Track 4:
Shoenfelt/Allen/Hughes (Copyright Control)
Track 5: Shoenfelt (Hanseatic Musikverlag/Strange Ways Medien)
Track 6:
Shoenfelt/Allen/Hughes (Copyright Control)
Track 7: Calvert/Brock (Sony/ATV Music Publishing)
Track 8: Pink Fairies (Polydor Music)
Track 9:
Shoenfelt/Allen/Hughes (Copyright Control)

Recorded at die naTo, Leipzig, 12.04.2015
Live sound engineer: Christoph Risch
Post production: Dave Allen
Cover photos: Adela Blazek Hrivnaková, Jan Richter
Special thanks to Grüßaugust


Press Release
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by Anthony Kocábek 10/2016
Phil Shoenfelt with his bandmates - bassplayer Dave Allen and drummer Chris Hughes – always emerges from somewhere and then for some time disappears again. Their new album is a live concert, catching last year’s performance at the club "die naTo" in Leipzig, Germany, and released by the German label Moloko +. The intention, apparently, was to offer at this time of so-called "live recordings" (which are more often than not created at the post-production stage), a real live concert. The CD is released in its raw form, without any added studio tweaking or improvements. The intention was also to complement and contrast their own songs with cover versions, both expected and unexpected. Besides Hawkwind, for example, they return to their favourite Rowland S. Howard, and we also have a song from the repertoire of Shoenfelt and Hughes’s previous band Fatal Shore, a song which gives its name to the whole album.
The bet on rawness has paid off. In the studio, the sound would probably have been more dynamic and more layered, but in this form the album is a report on the intuitive playing of all three musicians, the harmonic and rhythmic interchange, which often sounds almost magical and is able to escalate fantastically. With dark, melancholic undertones, and clearly coming from the roots of blues (characteristic of all Shoenfelt's projects), the obvious psychedelic tendencies are enriched by the playing of both his bandmates. The pared down style of playing, which is plain and without any unnecessary instrumental exhibitions, even has a shading of protopunk. As a good example, we can take the penultimate song "Do It" from the repertoire of English psychedelic band Pink Fairies. As interpreted by Dim Locator, the fact that it’s a cover song ceases to be important - the mood and energy which this band is able to imprint on the songs they choose to cover is the essential aspect. The not inconsiderable fact is that these pieces by their favourite bands don't qualitatively protrude from the whole at all. If it is true that the best concert recordings are those which arouse an interest in the listener to see the band live once again, then this album hits the jackpot.

Max Décharné
(ex-Gallon Drunk) 11/2016
International trio’s debut long-player, live and direct in Deutschland ...
Named after a Rowland S Howard song on The Birthday Party’s Junkyard LP, Dim Locator feature two-thirds of Berlin’s much-missed Australian/English band The Fatal Shore. Indeed, in many ways, this album is the sound of vocalist/guitarist Phil Shoenfelt and drummer Chris Hughes carrying on that fine tradition, following the untimely death of Bruno Adams from cancer in 2009. Recorded live in Leipzig, there are powerful covers of Beasts of Bourbon and Pink Fairies songs, plus Howard’s own I Ate The Knife, but it’s their own material that provides the real highlights. In particular, the atmospheric menace of Carolyn, and closing track Touch, with its insistent refrain ‘Everything I touch / slips away from me’ – the sound of people from two different hemispheres who’ve lived in central Europe for several decades, recorded on one of many long nights on the road.

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