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Phil Shoenfelt Stripped II -  Inkognito v Podzemí

2016 Mat'a, Czech Republic



EAN: 9788072871971

Language: Czech

translated by Ladislav Šenkyřík
illustrated by Jolana Izbicka

The release party took place on 19.05.2016 at Rock Café in Prague:


Underground Incognito is the second part of Shoenfelt’s New York trilogy, Stripped (part one was published as "Až na dřeň"  by Mat’a in 2012.) Set in the years 1979-1984, Stripped is the story of a young Englishman adrift in New York. Arriving from London, the narrator plunges into the hedonistic world of downtown Manhattan, hanging out at legendary clubs such as CBGBs, Max’s Kansas City and the Mudd. His meeting with stripper Kitty Smutz knocks him sideways, leading him into a vortex of sex, drugs and nihilism. By the time the relationship explodes in flames, he is destitute and addicted. When he marries Rebecca, another topless dancer, his descent into hell continues. Finally the choice is all too clear: get out of New York, or die.

While Junkie Love was concerned with the psychology of addiction, Stripped takes a look at what happens when social constraints no longer apply. Rock musicians, trust fund babies, street junkies, porn stars, dealers, film makers, artists and psychos – these are the characters who accompany the narrator on his journey to the limits of sanity. As well as an account of one man’s struggle with his demons, Stripped is a memoir of a New York that no longer exists (post AIDS, Giuliani and 9/11). A dirty, dangerous place, fertile ground for the artistic imagination, a place where the flowers of madness could grow free and unhindered.


Stripped II - Inkognito v Podzemí is available @
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