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We, Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross and Volker Regner, would like to express our condolences to the family and friends of Lothar Gärtner, who passed away after a long illness on Saturday the 3rd of December 2005.

Lothar was a true lover of music and had a strong vision of what he wanted to release on the three record labels he founded: the well known German independent Strange Ways, Sireena and more recently his new company Phantasmagoria. All of these labels were committed to releasing high quality independent music which Lothar personally believed in.

We thank him for releasing our own CD Deep Horizon in 2004, and it is a CD we are extremely proud of. Without Lothar it wouldn't have been possible.

We miss him greatly and would like to express our admiration for a man who did so much to further the cause of independent music. His legacy will live on in the music he championed.


22.11.2005 Phil Shoenfelt will do a book reading from "Junkie Love" (with translation in German) as part of the Leipzig Book Fair on 17th March 2006, see tour


14.11.2005 FATAL SHORE have now opened a site on My Space. To view this new site go to:


13.11.2005 FATAL SHORE started recording songs for their forthcoming album.
They are playing a concert on 16th December in Berlin.

Phil Shoenfelt and Bruno Adams appear as special guests on Nikki Sudden's new CD, which will be released next year. Phil and Bruno both contributed guitar parts for a rocking new song called "I Know You"  during a recording session at Claustrophobia Studio in Berlin on 3rd November.


08.11.2005 We added a new link to Brix Smith's Adult Net
Phil played guitar on their 1985 12" "Incense And Peppermints"


25.10.2005 As the old website on was visited very often the last time and the traffic of the website access was quite a lot (so the page got out of access), we decided to register a real domain without any advertising.
At this opportunity, we decided to refresh the whole page and changed the design. Hope you'll like it. Let us know your thoughts


02.10.2005 Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross have recently opened a site on My Space. Here you can find a shortened biography in English, four complete songs to listen to, photographs and a super-cool collection of friends whose music you can listen to by clicking on their photographs. To view this new site go to:


29.09.2005 The biography was updated, see biography


19.09.2005 New review for "Deep Horizon", see Deep Horizon


22.08.2005 On 11th August the Berlin club "Wallywoods" released a compilation 2-CD, featuring live songs of Phil Shoenfelt, Nikki Sudden, Bruno Adams, etc. For further information have a look at

Wolfgang Sterneck's new book "Erotika - Drogen und Sexualitat" has just been released by Nachtschatten Verlag, and it contains a passage from Phil's "Junkie Love". Other contirbutors include William S. Burroughs, Nick Cave, Marilyn Manson, Irvine Welsh and Brett Easton Ellis. More information at Wolfgang Sterneck's website and at Nachtschatten Verlag

Phil Shoenfelt plays tomorrow, 23rd August @ Linhart Foundation Gallery, Dolni Pocernice, Prague (CZ) - Opening of Exhibition for New York artists John Nowman and Ann Shostrom


11.07.2005 The UK fanzine Bucketfull Of Brains" reviewed Phil's Best-of "Deep Horizon" - see Deep Horizon


The gig tomorrow at the Elbhangfest in Dresden (D) has been cancelled.


JUNKIE LOVE is finally available in an Italian version. It was released 19th May 2005 by Arcana - ISBN 88-7966-391-7. The translator is Luca Fusari, illustrations by Jolana Izbická.

The list with the concerts of 1997 has been completed now.


Phil finally wrote the second newsletter for the homepage...check it out!


A song by Phil Shoenfelt will be on the Phantasmagoria CD sampler "Hardcover University - Phantasmagoria Compilation Vol. 1" which comes out 13th of May. Further bands on this album are Element of Crime, Mark Burgess, Raindogs, Dead Guitars, God Box, etc. More information at (the CD can also be ordered there).


Phil's novel "Junkie Love" in Italian comes out May 19th. It's through Rome publisher FAZI


New concert dates, some with German band WISSMUT - concerts

Another review for Deep Horizon

Phil will support Mark E Smith's THE FALL on two gigs in Scotland at the End of April - concerts.


New concert dates - concerts


Two upcoming solo gigs in Germany - concerts


Phil interviewed Nikki Sudden for the forthcoming May issue of "Bucketfull of Brains"


Interview with Greek music magazine "Pop & Rock"


SHOENFELT and ONCE UPON A TIME live @ "Rock Cafe", Narodni Trida, Prague (CZ) on 23rd February


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