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Have a look at It's a brand new website of Wolfgang Gürster, with hundreds of live rock photos.


Two CD reviews for Nikki Sudden's album "Treasure Island", written by Phil Shoenfelt.


Interview with "Radio Praha" September 2004.

Fotos from the CD Release Party: Thanks, Anicka.

Claus Castenskiold, the former drummer of KHMER ROUGE, has now his own website @ Have a look!

(c) "LaudSpeaker" by Claus Castenskiold

06.11.2004 Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl playing at the PRAG-O-MANIA Festival in Dresden, Germany - concerts


"Deep Horizon" + Khmer Rouge's "1981 - 86 New York - London" CD Release Party @ "Palac Akropolis", Prague (CZ) on 17th November. SHOENFELT are playing, supported by WISSMUT and ex-CLASH tour DJ and Khmer Rouge member  BARRY "SCRATCHY" MYERS.


Written by Phil Shöenfelt for the Leipzig band THE RUSSIAN DOCTORS:
"A LITTLE KNOWN EPISODE – Pratajev in Zizkov" A short history of the great Russian poet Pratajev, who has inspired the band with his immortal lines ...


Phil Shoenfelt's former band, which he formed in New York in 1981, finally has a double CD, KHMER ROUGE, NEW YORK-LONDON 1981-1986, released on the UK label VOICEPRINT. The CD finally sees the light of day almost twenty years after the band split up. For more details, go to:


Date changed: SHOENFELT concert on 16/11/2004 at Moritzbastei in Leipzig (D). This has been changed from 18/11 ....


"Deep Horizon" is available at Glitterhouse Mailorder now -they also wrote a great review.


Phil Shoenfelt - Reading from "Junkie Love" (German translation by ‘Russian Doctor’ Frank B. Pichelstein) 27.08.04, 8pm @ BaFF Jugendtreff Bachviertel, Käthe-Kollwitz-Strasse 91, 04109 Leipzig, Germany (NiD Leipzig TIPP).


The Phil Shoenfelt Double-CD "Deep Horizon" will be available in record shops / online stores etc. from September 27th on.

Khmer Rouge's Double-CD "NYC - London 1981-86" will be released on September 13th by Voiceprint/Hip Priest Records.


The Phil Shoenfelt Double-CD "Deep Horizon - Selected Songs Of Phil Shoenfelt" has just been released by Phantasmagoria Records, Germany. 27 great songs, most of them rare and out of print. The Double-CD is actually a Digi-Pak with wonderful artwork by "Echo"-prize winner Friedel Muders (FUEGO Media). Nikki Sudden wrote the liner notes.
The Double-CD costs 15,50 Euro + 2 Euro postage (Germany) / 4 Euro (Europe).
You can order direct @ Phantasmagoria Records
Note: The Phantasmagoria website is in German. If you need details on how to order / payment methods etc. click here.


The release of Khmer Rouge 2CD is scheduled for September.
Do you want to see if Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross has ever played in your town?
Then click here...


New concert dates for Czech Republic, Germany, Poland.


A new Czech edition of JUNKIE LOVE ("Fetacká Laska") is being prepared -
this will be the third print run and the edition will be in hardback.


Another release soon: The German label Phantasmagoria will release a Phil Shöenfelt Best-of-Double-CD, called "Deep Horizon - Selected Songs Of Phil Shoenfelt" - read Nikki Sudden's liner notes for this CD
The English indie label Voiceprint will release the KHMER ROUGE double-CD. More infos soon...


The CDs "Ecstatic" and "Dead Flowers For Alice" are now available at (go to the webshop).

At the gallery you'll find two very new photos of Phil and Pavel Cingl


The Greek dates have been changed again! See concerts for the confirmed dates.


Phil Shoenfelt solo opening set before WISSMUT on 6th February in Dresden (D) - concerts


The new Fatal Shore CD FREE FALL has just been released by the German label Moloko +.
The CD was recorded in Cincinnatti, USA, a couple of years ago and features nine new songs. These songs are all original compositions written by Phil Shoenfelt and Bruno Adams.
The CD is distributed in Germany by Target, or is available direct from Moloko +


Phil and Pavel Cingl will do a little tour in Greece - concerts


Photos from a gig at "Palac Akropolis", Prague (CZ)

If you want to buy CDs or books contact or


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