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some photos of Phil's reading at the Pragomania Festival in Dresden, Germany.


new gigs in Czech Republic...


Phil Shoenfelt & Bruno Adams - live in Berlin


SHOENFELT concert and reading from "Junkie Love" in Dresden, Germany
Two FATAL SHORE gigs in Czech Republic!! - see concerts


Southern Cross' latest CD "Ecstatic" and Phil's novel "Junkie Love" are now available through Glitterhouse mailorder


"Waiting For You" is broadcasting on Czech music television Channel "O"

Jarda wrote a biography for the website

Southern Cross decided to rename the band into "SHOENFELT"


Reading from "Junkie Love" (and acoustic songs related to the book) at the new art gallery in Prague called "Futura Project".

"Globe Bookstore - 10th Anniversary Street Party" (Prague) - Phil Shoenfelt and Pavel Cingl.
For more info check the concerts


The video for "Waiting For You" has been played several times on Czech National TV, on the popular music/arts programme called "Night With The Angels"; it's broadcasted every Saturday night from midnight until 4am...


There's a website of KHMER ROUGE, Phil's former post-punk band, with lots of information, e.g. biographies and memoirs of band members. Check in!

Pavel Cingl wrote a biography for the "Southern Cross" website...


Review for "Ecstatic" by Nikki Sudden, see Ecstatic


Photos of the December gig in Göppingen, Germany (Thanx to Jürgen Fecker who shot the pic's) - gallery


Southern Cross finished the video shooting for "Waiting For You" - guitarist and violin player Pavel Cingl wrote the screenplay with different locations around Prague. During the next weeks it will be edited and then it's ready for broadcasting...


Two upcoming concerts in Ukraine on 12th and 13th April. See concerts for details


Phil and his band are at the moment preparing music videos for "Waiting For You" and "Twisted".


If you are looking for a copy of Phil's first solo CD "Backwoods Crucifixion" then you should check out (it's the label which released this album). Mint copies of this CD can be ordered there...


"Ecstatic" got a very good review on Irish CD-reviews website called "Whisperin' and Hollerin' " - Reviews for Ecstatic


Hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The last weeks we've been very busy preparing a new design for the website. Now it has been completely revised with much more information, pictures and up-to-date ordering info for CDs and Books. (In the future we will translate some sites into German, there will be short biographies of Southern Cross-members, etc.). You'll find two very new interviews Phil did with a Czech newspaper (Burinka) and a Slovakian paper (SME) - both are in English.
So check them out - Interviews

You'll see on some items a link to the PSSC-shop, that's the official shop of Phil Shöenfelt & Southern Cross. Following items can be ordered there:

CD "Ecstatic"
CD-single "Electric Garden"
CD "Dead Flowers For Alice"
CD "Blue Highway" (sold out at the moment - will be released again; we'll let you know!)
CD "The Fatal Shore"

BOOK "The Green/Zelený Hotel"
BOOK "Junkie Love"
BOOK "Fetacká Laská"

At the moment the shop isn't working (for some technical reasons) but you can alternative send your order or questions for ordering details to or to and you'll get an answer as soon as possible...



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