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11-2002 LIVE CHAT with Phil:

On Monday, 25th November will be a live chat with Phil on web server Tiscali.
The adress is

You can send the questions since now...


The new album "Ecstatic" is out now. It's on Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross' own label called Exupery Records. At the moment this CD is only available in record shops in Czech Republic, on concerts and at Exupery, so e-mail to if you want a copy.


CD Release Party for Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross' new album "Ecstatic":
31 October 2002 at "Palac Akropolis" in Prague (CZ). Beginning 19.30


The prospective release-date for the new album "Ecstatic" in Czech Republic is October 31st. Phil wrote a short comedy about the present situation with Iraq, called "George and Tony and Dick and Don" -check it out at writings.



In September Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross are going to Croatia for a couple of concerts.
It´s organized by a travel agency from Prague and it´s possible for you to go there with PSSC and two more Czech bands ("Sto zvirat" and "Bila nemoc"). It´s in the middle of Dalmatian, near Sibenik. The town is called Tisno and it´s on island "Murter". There is equipped camp and every evening will be concerts at the camp (for free of course). The costs, incl. transport from Prague, are 3300 CZK (110 EURO - without food) and 5220 CZK (174 EURO - incl. all day food). The term is 13th to 22nd September. So if you want you can join this trip!!

phone: +420 2 24216932-3
for more information visit:


The English and German Biographies were updated...

Very good news: "Ecstatic", the very new album of Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross, is now completely mixed and will be released with a 4-track Bonus CD in October 2002.


Phil Shoenfelt and the Southern Cross are still mixing the new CD and recorded two new versions of "Garden Of Eden" - re-named into "Electric Garden"!!

The concert in Ebensee (Austria) in April has been recorded and probably will be released in the near future.

Also there's a new date for a book reading from Junkie Love on 25th May at the "Sramkuv Book Festival" in Pisek (CZ).


JUNKIE LOVE won the 2001 Firecracker Alternative Book Award in New York. It was voted for the best book in the category "Drugs"!!


The publisher Plasma Books (based in Athen, Greece) will translate JUNKIE LOVE in Greek! It should be out later this year or early 2003.

Southern Cross finished mixing their new CD.

Phil is going to Berlin (D), Dresden (D) and London (GB) for some book readings - for deatils check out the tour dates.

New Date: 20th July, Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross live at the Susice Festival in Czech Republic
JUNKIE LOVE has been shortlisted for the 2001 "Firecracker Alternative Book Awards" in New York. You can vote for the book by going to the homepage , then click on "Vote" go to the "Drugs" section where you find Junkie Love.


A German Biography and an MP3-site have been added. Have a look...
Reading from Junkie Love in Berlin! (tour)


Reading from JUNKIE LOVE in London in April (see tour)


Nikki Sudden has written a great review of JUNKIE LOVE (see literature)


The excellent and expert photographer Wolfgang Gürster gave me a lot of wonderful shots of Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross and Fatal Shore for the gallery. So, check it out - it's worthwhile! Many thanks to Wolfgang!!


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