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The Fatal Shore concerts and also the readings of JUNKIE LOVE in Berlin, Germany have been postponed until February 2002.


The homepage is updated now with a newsletter from Phil.


The website will be updated soon with a monthly letter from Phil and short bios and pictures of Southern Cross as well.

JUNKIE LOVE is available now - check out the literature page for ordering details...
The new Fatal Shore CD FREE FALL is finally mixed and will be out in December by Quality Fur Records, USA.


Book Launch Party for English version of JUNKIE LOVE in Prague (CZ) at "Klub Fraktal" on 25th October.


Phil is currently working on his New York trilogy called "Stripped" that will come out in Czech next year.


Southern Cross prepared demos for their next CD and played some of the new songs on concerts. In September they're going to the studio to record them. Four of the new songs (which they've already played on concerts) are:

"Wasted Life"
"The Spirit & The Flesh"


Phil Shoenfelt's novel "Junkie Love" (released in Czech as "Fetácká Láska" in 1997) will be released in English in October/November 2001 by Twisted Spoon Press.
More information + comments about "Junkie Love" from related artists on the literature page!


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