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Fatal Shore Free Fall CD

2003 Moloko Plus 067, Deutschland
2006 Fuego 1391 [Download], Deutschland



1. Free Fall
2. 100 Degrees In The Shade
3. Angel Street
4. Sunshine
5. Don't Know Why
6. Mindless
7. Fields Of Summer
8. Devil's Gate
9. Closing Time


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Phil Shoenfelt vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass
Bruno Adams vocals, electric guitar, slide guitar, bass
Chris Hughes drums, percussion, loops, samples


Free Fall, Angel Street, Don't Know Why, Fields Of Summer, Devil's Gate
written by Phil Shoenfelt and published by Warner-Chappell

100 Degrees In The Shade, Sunshine, Mindless, Closing Time
written by Bruno Adams

Recorded May 2000 in The Church Studios, Covington, Kentucky (USA)
Mixed by May/Chambers
Produced by May/Chambers and The Fatal Shore

Artwork by N. Tagwerk & Ollie at


MOJO 02/2005
by Max Décharné
"Long-awaited second album from Berlin and Prague-based Aussie/English trio. Back in 1997 The Fatal Shore released their fine debut album, which deserved much greater attention than it received. This new record has been a long time coming, but it's worth the wait. Bruno Adams, Phil Shöenfelt and Chris Hughes operate somewhere in the Lee Hazlewood / Nick Cave mould, but with an eastern European twist: low-slung, gravelly vocals, an atmospheric blend of acoustic and electric guitars backed by inventive percussion. 100° In The Shade pounds along with a Paint It Black-style swagger, The Fields Of Summer could soundtrack a road movie while the sparse Closing Time stacks the chairs on the tables and collects up the empties. For the cover artwork, they made up a bunch of metal signs with the title stamped on them, took them into the woods outside Berlin and blasted them full of holes. A direct hit. (4 stars)"


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