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Fatal Shore Fatal Shore CD

1997 Rachot/Behemot R-0013, Tschechien
1999 Moloko Plus, Deutschland
2006 Fuego 1390 [digital download], Deutschland



1. Wild Is The Wind
2. City Of Dreams
3. World Away
4. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
5. Is That You My Lover
6. My Death
7. Preachin' Blues
8. Who's Been Talking
9. Town Called Misery
10. The Snake Song
11. Where Are You My Lover?
12. Morning Dew
13. We Had An Island


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Phil Shoenfelt vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass
Bruno Adams vocals, electric guitar, slide guitar, bass
Chris Hughes drums, percussion, loops, samples
James Evans violin


City Of Dreams, Town Called Misery, Where Are You My Lover? written by Phil Shöenfelt
and published by Warner-Chappell
World Away, Is That You My Lover?, We Had An Island written by Bruno Adams
and published by MDF Musikverlag GmbH (D)

Wild Is The Wind - written by Dimitri Tiompkin/Ned Wahsington
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine - written by Bob Dylan
My Death - written by J. Brel/M. Shuman
Preachin' Blues - written by Robert Johnson
Who's Been Talking - written by Burnett
The Snake Song - written by Townes Van Zandt
Morning Dew - written by B. Dobson/T. Rose

Recorded at Power Sound Studio, Lucenec (Slovakia) in July 1997
Engeneered by Peter Kalmar & The Fatal Shore
Mastered by Vintage Studios, Pruhonice, Prague (Czech Republic)
Produced by The Fatal Shore & Peter Kalmar
Executive Producers: Borek Holecek, Dalibor Zahora
Artwork by Delta V + Bruno Adams at Silver Apple Republic, Berlin (Germany)


MIND WARP, Helsinki, Finland
by Katriina Etholén
"... Phil Shöenfelt together with Bruno Adams (voc., gr., bass) and Chris Hughes (dr., percussions) released an album together, also in last year. If Blue Highway is more influenced by The Doors, in this one you can find connections to Nick Cave and maybe to other aussie groups like The Crime And The City Solution...
Once again the songs have strong and dark, dramatic feelings. This is music from untamed nature, blues from the swamplands. The album is full of wild rhythms; the galloping rhythm of Robert Johnson's Preachin' Blues or the powerful drums Phil's City Of Dreams ...
The album is built quite a lot upon the covers. You can find there songs from people like Bob Dylan (I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine), Jacques Brel (My Death),. Townes Van Zandt (The Snake Song) et cetera. Could you ask for more?"


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