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Dim Locator

2013 Moloko + Plus 076, Germany



1. Carolyn
2. Rudi
3. Dan The Man From Ampellang
4. Touch


Wormhole ist erhältlich bei
Moloko +
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Phil Shoenfelt lead vocals, guitars, loops, backing vocals on "Carolyn"
Dave Allen
bass guitar, backing vocals on "Rudi"
Chris Hughes
drums, percussion, backing vocals on "Rudi"


Music composed by Dim Locator, lyrics by Phil Shoenfelt
All songs copyright control
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Stereo Mysterio, Prague, Czech Republic
Produced by Phil Shoenfelt and Dan Satra
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Dan Satra

Front cover painting of the Dim Locator by Claus Castenskiold


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