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Phil Shöenfelt Charlotte's Room 12" Vinyl

1988 Cog Sinister COG SIN 2, England


1. Charlotte's Room
2. The Long Goodbye


Charlotte's Room is available @
sold out, but occasionally copies are available at or


Phil Shoenfelt all instruments and vocals


All tracks published by Warner-Chappell
All songs written and arranged by Phil Shoenfelt

"Charlotte's Room" mixed by Mark E. Smith, "The Long Goodbye" mixed by Tony Cohen
Produced by Phil Shoenfelt at Drone Studios


N.M.E. 25/03/1989
by James Brown
"Dig out the pointy velvet Chelsea boots because the Beatnik Alliance is breaking out of Cog Sinister. Specialising in lonesome dudes with guitars and chick trouble Cog Sinister already gave us haircut headcase Andrew Berry, there's talk of a Craig Cannon disc and now Phil Shoenfelt delivers a soundtrack for the sticky black nightmare of your choice. Claustrophobia, gin, and probably Jim Morrison's leather trousers. A must for those lusting after the Danny Sugarman book."


FRAZZLE / HOUSE OF DOLLS # 22: "This month's HYPED TO FUCK TOP FIVE (...) Number 3 is PHIL SHOENFELT / Charlotte's Room, a moody mesmeric collage of sound, shades c/o Mr Cog Sinister producer Mark Smith ..."


SOUNDS 18/02/1989: "Phil Shoenfelt, the New York guitarist who supported The Fall on their pre-Christmas dates, releases a single on Cog Sinister this week called 'Charlotte's Room'.
And he's coming back to play at a Cog Sinister Evening at Manchester's Green Room on February 24 with John Cooper Clark, The Paperboys and Seventy Gwen Party.
There's another Cog Sinister Evening - to show-off the label's talent - at the Green Room on February 10 featuring John The Postman, Andrew Berry and The Obi-Men.
Tickets for both events are £ 3.80 from the Green Room, Town Hall Ticket Shop and Piccadilly Records."


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