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SOUTHERN CROSS are    David Babka  |    Pavel Krtous    |     Jarda Kvasnicka


David Baka     >> lead guitar, pedal steel guitar


Pavel Krtous    >> bass



Jarda Kvasnicka     >> drums, percussion, loops

Jarda Kvasnicka was born 3.12.1967 in Písek, Czech Republic. He began playing drums at the age of fourteen, and in 1991 attended the prof. Veselý school for drums and percussion in Prague for a period of one year. After playing in a series of regional bands from South Bohemia, he joined the Pisek band P.E.Q. in 1989, and in 1990 he began to play with the Ceské Budejovice group Harlem. With Harlem, Jarda played in Austria and Germany as well as the Czech Republic, and developed a reputation for powerful, solid drumming tinged with the syncopated rhythms of jazz. In 1993, on the basis of this reputation, he was asked to join the well-known Czech pop/rock band Tichá Dohoda, and spent the next two years touring the country and performing on numerous TV and radio shows. Tichá Dohoda was a commercially successful band, and the two CDs Jarda recorded with them sold about 15.000 copies each. In August 1994, the musicians from Tichá Dohoda supported Phil Shoenfelt on his first Czech tour, learning his songs and ensuring that he was exposed to large audiences, and during the course of this tour a strong rapport developed between Phil, Jarda and Tichá Dohoda’s bass player Pavel Krtouš. When the two musicians quit the band 1995 they teamed up with Shoenfelt to form Southern Cross, and since that time they have played in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Denmark and the Ukraine.

Jarda also plays drums and percussion with the Snake Eaters, a group which features the American singer/songwriter Bradley Stratton, and in January 2000 they went to New York for a series of dates which included performances at such well-known clubs as The Bitter End and the Dark Star Lounge.


Harlem - "„Doufám, Ze to vyjde“ Supraphon 1990.
Jirí Smrz - "Oratorium o blahoslavené Zdislave z Lemberka“ Monitor/EMI 1991
Tichá Dohoda - "Unplaggag" Monitor/EMI 1993
Tichá Dohoda - "Tichá Dohoda" Monitor/EMI 1994
Zdenek Vrestal - "Cím Dál Víc Vrestál" Monitor/EMI 1994
Phil Shoenfelt with Tichá Dohoda - "Live In Prague!" Bonton Music 1995
Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - "Blue Highway" Indies Records 1997
Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - "Dead Flowers For Alice" Indies Records 1999
Jirí Smrz - "Dedicná Krev" JihoMusic 2002
Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - "Ecstatic" Exupery 2002

Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl - "Live At The House Of Sin"
Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - ""


Former members:


Pavel Cingl     >> violin, guitar, mandolin, backing vocals

Pavel Cingl was born in Teplice, Czech Republic. When he was six years old he started to study classical violin in Pardubice. Later, when his father won a musical competition and joined a professional orchestra in Prague, the whole family moved to the city.

While still at secondary school, Pavel founded a rock band in which he played guitar and sang, and out of this developed a punk band called Ineptus. They played in local clubs and at a few festivals, but after two years the group was banned by officials of the Czechoslovak Communist Party on the grounds that they were "negative and anti-social". Pavel later met singer/songwriter Ivan Hlas and became a founder member of his band Nahlas ("Too Loud"), which enjoyed wide popularity in the Czech Republic. At the same time he was playing in Dan Kohout‘s trio, Dobrohošt', as well as in the Pout'ový Promenadní Orchestr.

In 1992 he met the American singer/guitarist/songwriter Brad Stratton, and together with Australian Grahame Ryan they formed a band called Snake Eaters. In 1997 Pavel became a member of Phil Shoenfelt's group Southern Cross, and now plays rhythm guitar and mandolin in the band, as well as violin. During his musical carreer he has played as a guest with many bands and theatre companies, and in addition has contributed to the recording of a wide range of CDs, film soundtracks, TV shows and theatre performances, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Pavel has performed live in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Switzerland, Greece and the USA.

Educated at: Basic art school Prague 1, Voršilská str.
Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek, Prague

EPs & Singles:

Ivan Hlas & Nahlas - "Trable s Katerinou" (EP)
Vladimír Merta, Svetlana Nálepková - "Kamaráde vyskoc" (single)
Snake Eaters & Anna K - "Vzácnej den" (CD single)
Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - "Remixes" (EP)

LPs & Albums:

Ivan Hlas & Nahlas - "Rockový maraton 2" (compilation)
Ivan Hlas & Nahlas - "Ivan Hlas & Nahlas"
Ivan Hlas & Nahlas - "Nocní chodec"
Javory - "Príbeh"
Dan Kohout band - "Nalej víno Zuzanko"
Tichá dohoda - "Tichá dohoda"
Tichá dohoda - "Underpop"
Tichá dohoda - "Unplugag"
Vltava - "Mládí i tak velkou lásku bere s humorem"
Dobrohošt' - "Dobrohošt'"
Pout'ový promenádní orchestr - "Pout'ový promenádní orchestr"
Václav Koubek - "Šaty šupáka"
Šakalí léta (soundtrack)
Naceva - "Moznosti tu sou…"
Snake Eaters - "Oh, Esmirelda"
Snake Eaters - "Simple Things"
Bílá nemoc - "Lahvový a stesk"
Lucie Svobodová - "Aurobora"
Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - "Dead Flowers For Alice"
Kohelet drei - "Mak"
Pumpa - "…tak tradá!"
Prohrála v kartách - "Zádný cáry z nebe"
Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - "Ecstatic"

Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl - "Live At The House Of Sin"
Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - ""



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